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The technical and repair department of the pishroshabakeh company, relying on expertise and technical courses, provides its customers with repair services for all electronic and computer equipment, using the best electronic tools. In this unit, the damaged devices are sent to the repair place after the initial visit and check and are re-checked with special analyzers, and after troubleshooting, the conditions and cost are announced to the customer.

Then, if the customer approves, the broken device will be repaired in the shortest possible time. If it is not possible to repair the part, the replacement (original) part will be installed and commissioned.

The pishro shabakeh company guarantees the repair part with the confidence of its specialized activities.

In addition, in the case of a support contract, golden service is provided to the customer, and in addition to periodic services, if the repair of the broken device takes more than 48 hours, replacement parts are provided.

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