Cable tester and network analyzer equipment

A cable tester is a device that is used to test the strength and connection of a certain type of cable or other wire assemblies. There are different types of cable testers. It can be clearly said that the network cable tester is the most practical tool that is used to check and evaluate network cable wiring. This is because the testers can accurately identify and verify the electrical connections that run through the wire network.

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Pishroshabakeh Technical and Engineering Group is proud to meet the needs of its customers for faster and easier access to information in government, private, industrial and non-industrial centers by relying on unique technology to perform all network services. computer, telecommunication and information technology to announce…

Some products

Passive products

Providing all infrastructure equipment for computer networks and data centers, including copper and optical fiber cable equipment, along with complete accessories in an end-to-end manner...

Test and analysis

Providing test equipment, analysis and standardization of computer networks in different layers, as well as after-sale services of equipment, along with specialized training in working with measuring equipment...

ups Equipment

Providing emergency power equipment, UPS, rack, PDU, COOLING and all related data center equipment including temperature, humidity and...

Active products

Providing active equipment for computer networks, including switches, routers, digital phones, etc. Original and updated with the possibility of registering on the main company's website...

Some services provided

Providing repair services of all kinds of electronic equipment with original parts by fully specialized, experienced and seasoned experts

Providing all computer network support and maintenance services as well as emergency power services by experienced and specialized experts

Providing all specialized data center services including design, installation, data center cleaning and maintenance by experienced experts

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succeess bootcamp

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