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Introduction of PishroShabakehpaya

Why Pishroshabakehpaya?

The mission of the pishroshabakeh company, relying on the extensive experience of its specialists, is to research and achieve the latest achievements in network and information technologies, localize and present this technology to organizations and companies at various levels.

Obtaining a rating and qualification certificate from the Supreme Council of Informatics along with having international professional certificates such as Cisco, Fluke Networks, and Microsoft certificates, the necessary ability to implement projects in various dimensions and unique expertise and experience in the field of network technology It has brought advanced and informative topics and currently provides this experience and expertise in a completely practical way to various companies, organizations and institutions. Also, offices abroad, constant communication with foreign partners and the constant presence of the leading family of Amatis network in prestigious scientific and specialized seminars such as CISCO, FLUKE NETWORKS and BICSI make it always an active member in the flow of international information and the role of a communication bridge for play the interior of the country.

The general structure of our organizational units is divided into three parts:

Sales engineering: which is related to the sale of computer, telecommunication and information and communication network equipment using reliable domestic and foreign agencies.

Projects: which is related to the provision of installation and implementation services, design, consulting, monitoring and support of computer networks by various executive expert groups across the country as the projects department.

Education: which is responsible for holding training courses, specialized network seminars and practical workshops with the titles of structured cabling and testing and analysis of computer networks by official instructors.

Pishro Technical and Engineering Group

registration number:508539
Economic code:8358-4911-4115
Member of the organization of trade union and computer system of the country

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Our relationship with our customers is mutual and based on common interests, and maintaining long-term relationship with customers is our main strategy. Our customers consider this company as a reliable consultant and executive arm in the field of information and communication technology.

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