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Since PISHROSHABAKEH, attaches great importance to training users and maximizing the profit of customers, by providing a well-equipped training space and necessary facilities, it provides suitable and extensive training services to the applicants. This training unit uses From the rich experience of the experts of the leading Amatis network company in the field of knowledge of various fields such as training and implementation of systems in various organizations, institutions and companies, as well as communication with relevant specialists and internal and external scientific centers, the appropriate human force has been able to and train an expert to provide theoretical and practical training.

This unit of the PISHROSHABAKEH aims to improve the scientific level of customers and by employing experienced professors, it conducts some training courses and specialized seminars by providing educational booklets, as well as internal documents in Farsi and English.

After the sale of each product, this company undertakes to hold a training course for working with that device and for the guardians related to that device.

In addition to the practical training of the devices, the training department of PISHROSHABAKEH company has the possibility of holding related training courses in different environments, even at the customer’s site, in a private and semi-private manner, as well as a practical workshop.

A brief description of the training courses held are:

Fluke Networks CCTT
Structured cabling
Data center

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