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Emergency power services

Obviously, the increasing progress of technology in today’s world has caused the importance and need to protect sensitive and expensive electronic equipment, computer network information, medical, telecommunication, industrial devices, etc.
As you know, often

As you know, most of the faults and breakdowns of these equipments are caused by transmission, distribution and electricity consumption disorders, and to fix and optimize electricity consumption, UPS devices are the most efficient equipment to supply emergency power without interruption and regulation. They recommend fluctuations.
UPS devices also always need support and maintenance. Timely service and maintenance increases the useful life and optimal operation of the equipment and its batteries.
Therefore, by performing periodical service and maintenance, the customer gets the advantages of faster device repair, service and maintenance at regular times, priority in repair, recording all device information in different periods, receiving a replacement device if the repair time is long, not having to pay the cost by The customer is entitled to every request.

Considering the competition in the market and the customer’s ability level, it is suggested that these types of contracts are graded with different measures and conditions. These conditions can be combined according to the customer’s choice and according to the customer’s own needs, and an offer, with the conditions that The customer specifies to be provided.

The important and common point in all situations is that professional, experienced and reliable experts and special and reliable equipment are used to check and test and analyze and visit the devices, and all actions and reports are registered with Sama. And the employer’s opinion comes.

Also, in case of failure, original parts are used in repairs, and all equipment used in repairs include a warranty.

Regarding the cost estimation, there are several important points that will be provided to you:

1- Support hours:

which includes three levels:

A) 5*8: In this case, experts are ready to provide services on five working days a week from Saturday to Wednesday from 8:30 to 16:30.

b) 7*8: In this case, experts are ready to provide services seven days a week from 8:30 to 16:30.

c) 24*7: In this case, experts are ready to provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2- The expected number of visits per year:

a) Every 6 months, visits should be made during working hours.

b) Every 4 months, visits should be made during working hours.

c) visit every 3 months, during working hours.

d) visit once a month, during working hours.

It is necessary to explain that the schedule of visits and periodic service is done according to the customer’s choice and the advice of the technical experts of this company.

3- Actions and services

Actions such as sudden and unexpected visits, connection tests, batteries, voltage tests, etc.

4- Location of the employer (route)

This company announces its readiness to provide UPS service, maintenance and support throughout Iran.

5- Difficulty of work:

Including the places where the expert has problems for the initial visits and seeing the device and cannot easily perform the tests and has to move the disturbing devices or equipment, or the devices that are on the oil and gas platforms on the sea or ships or military vehicles.

6- Obligations:

In case of unforeseen breakdowns and after telephone or written notification (e-mail-fax-letter), the experts will be at the customer’s place within 24 hours to solve the problem.
If, for any reason, the repair and commissioning of the equipment takes more than 72 working hours, the company declares its readiness to send a device as a replacement device up to 10 kW until the problem is solved.
Every time the expert visits the devices, the contractor is required to prepare a periodic checklist of the devices, which is signed and approved by the representative of the client company.
According to the number of devices and the type of procedures, the duration of one visit of the entire collection is determined by the expert. And if this period becomes longer and the continuation of the visit is postponed to the next day, if this delay is from the employer’s side, its cost will be calculated separately, and if this delay is from the contractor’s side, no fee will be charged from the employer for the continuation of the visit at that stage. can’t

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