Fiber optic fusion

Fiber optic fusion /


Optical fiber fusion services

The pishroshabakehpaya company, relying on highly experienced experts as well as professional and up-to-date equipment, declares its readiness to provide optical fiber fusion services throughout Iran.

The devices used by this company perform the core alignment of optical fiber strands and fiber optic cable welding with high precision, and the operator observes the operation and quality of fusion welding using the device’s microscopic lens and LCD display. . Sumitmo, Fujikara, Kerning and Invo can be mentioned among the brands that produce optical fiber fusion devices and are used by the contractors of this company in their projects.

In addition, all optical fiber fusion operations carried out by the pishroshabakeh company are reported with testers such as Fluke, and if there is excessive loss, the location of the loss is diagnosed with OTDR analyzers and the report is presented to the employer.

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