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Network support

As you know, computer networks need service, control and maintenance both in terms of infrastructure and active equipment as well as software.

Network support is a set of services that are carried out in order to maintain and maintain, fix potential problems and improve the security and stability of network infrastructure and equipment, software and information of a company or organization.

Pishro Shabakeh Paya company, performs the above activities by employing experts in the field of information technology as well as highly specialized and unique tools.

All the equipment used in the network should be checked and diagnosed on a weekly or monthly basis. By receiving support services, you can prevent possible problems of network failures and outages and fix them before they occur. The technical experts of the leading Paya Network company visit all the centers under their coverage continuously and periodically, and all They solve possible problems. Periodic network services make possible problems to be solved in the shortest possible time and the network is in the best condition.

In order to control and manage their costs, different organizations can outsource these matters instead of hiring a large number of personnel and leave this important to the Pishro Shabakeh Paya  by signing a contract.

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