Ngsens company is one of the largest manufacturers of computer network infrastructure equipment (copper cables and fiber optic cables) for infrastructure projects and industrial markets (especially shipbuilding, oil and aviation related sectors) in France and is the largest manufacturer. Cable is in the world.

This company is located in France and with a long and brilliant history, as one of the most experienced companies among European brands, offering a complete portfolio of products that include office network equipment (OFFICEBASE), prefabricated data center equipment with the latest Manufacturing methodology, as well as industrial network equipment, is among the pioneers in the production of equipment in this field.

The experts of the leading Paya network company have tried to rely on their technical ability and have spent a lot of energy to cultivate the use of this equipment in industrial environments. Building environments according to world standards is one of the main goals of this company. Standards such as resistance to electrical shock, radiation, heat, dust, sudden shocks, vibrations, sprayed water, immersion in water, etc.

Network infrastructure equipment is supplied end-end with the highest quality. The unique quality of cables and network equipment in different categories (CAT5e, Cat6, Cat6A, CAT7), high stocks in the warehouse, fast delivery to the place, having suitable solutions for every need are the most important advantages that make the customer trust completely. be attracted

These products are generally divided into the following groups:

A) Copper cables

Cat 5e
Category 6
Cat 6 – SFTP
Cat 6A-FT

b) Fiber optic

Single mode

c) Prefabricated data center equipment


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