Mission, goals, vision

In order to provide new services in the IT industry, the pishroshabakeh technical and engineering group was established in 2009 and succeeded in obtaining official representatives from the most prestigious companies in the world in the field of information technology such as: NETSCOUT, FLUKE NETWORK, APC,…. Is. This company has a new horizon of providing sales and after-sales services for the products of the mentioned companies, such as providing solutions for testing and analyzing computer networks, providing emergency power solutions for Vedata Center, and structured cabling.


- Improving life and work through the growth and facilitation of communication by providing quality, reliable and inclusive services

- Selling products and providing after-sales services with a valid warranty


- Registering the company's brand as the country's brand in the field of the company's key products

- Acquiring the position of the best company as the largest specialized authority in providing computer network equipment and services

- Gaining a major market share in the field of the company's key products


- Stable increase in profit and capital of the company

- Ensuring customer satisfaction based on product quality, good fulfillment of obligations and desirable services

- Ensuring employee satisfaction based on financing, financial stability, social personality and individual excellence

company strategy :

- Concentration of sales force, development of services in the field of the company's key products

- Providing comprehensive, specialized and unique services on key products

- Stabilizing the company's brand through providing optimal services


- Prioritizing the demands of customers and establishing the necessary mechanisms for researching them

- Emphasis on fulfilling the company's obligations towards customers

- Increasing and updating the company's specialized knowledge through continuous R&D

- Governing order and systemic thinking and systematizing the organization and processes in the company

- Continuous improvement in the company's system, processes, products and services

- Recruiting and cultivating efficient and committed human resources

Organizational values:

- Respecting the client's rights and trying to fulfill them

-Commitment and responsibility of managers and employees and their participation in achieving organizational goals

- Creating a suitable work environment and cordial relations between managers and employees

- Honesty and integrity towards employees, customers and society

- Adherence to the principles of professional ethics, law and obligations

- Giving importance to financing, health, welfare and growth of employees

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