Network installation

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Network installation

The pishroshabakeh company has expert and experienced staff in different working groups in different parts of the country. It carries out end-to-end network projects, as well as testing and reporting in accordance with modern network implementation standards such as TIA, ISO. , EN, IEEE, etc. is one of the biggest advantages of the project unit of the pishroshabakeh company. The desired standards of this company in the field of passive design of network and data centers are based on EIA/TIA 568B and TIA 942 standards. Based on the needs of the employer and the budget, this company offers a plan that provides data centers with the highest efficiency at the lowest cost, considering Cost Benefit solutions.

Among the activities of the project unit are as follows:

  • Consultation, design and monitoring of computer, telecommunication and information technology networks by experienced and experienced experts
  • Providing installation services and implementation of all types of computer and telecommunication networks using the latest technology and equipment in the world (optical fiber and copper) with different work teams in all parts of the country
  • Providing installation services and implementation of all types of data centers, with the latest technologies in the world and following standards such as TIA 942
  • Providing testing and analysis services for computer network cables (optical fiber and copper cable) through the DTX-1800 device with optical fiber modules along with providing a written report, as well as analyzing and troubleshooting optical fiber with an OTDR device.
  • Providing all optical fiber services, FUSION, SPLICE, CONNECTOR with the latest tools, along with reporting
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