Cisco Systems (Cisco Systems) is an American company that manufactures active network equipment, which is established in a city called San Jose in Silicon District. This company sells its products under the Cisco, Linksys and Scientific Atlanta brands. Cisco currently has 51,480 employees with 2006 revenue of $28.48 billion and net profit of $5.58 billion. The current slogan of this company is: <<Welcome to Human Network>>

In 2003, this company won the Ron Brown Presidential Award for excellent quality in employee and community relations. The senior vice president of Cisco is an Iranian engineer named Mohsen Moazzami.

The Pishro Shabakeh company, relying on the strong sales resources of the region, has started its activity in the sale and provision of active equipment services.

This company offers products such as switches, routers, VOIP equipment, Video Conference equipment and IP Telephony. Considering the unorganized conditions of trade and the entry of counterfeit goods into the Iranian market, as well as the lack of control and supervision of the standard and quality of the goods, the Pishro company, with testing and analysis equipment, has tested all network items before and after installation. And if the customer needs, he will provide a report on the originality of the product.

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